“Inside every child is a rainbow waiting to shine”, has been our guiding principle. We pledge to nurture these young minds and provide a safe and stimulating environment for children can grow to fulfill their individual potential.


Our vision is for all children to reach their full potential as collaborative and independent learners, by providing a Montessori education that nurtures their spirits, as they become engaged citizens of the world.


To aid in the development of the child physically, emotionally, socially, and academically. We not only want each child to feel a strong sense of belonging, but we want each parent to feel confident and proud that his or her child is a student at Over The Rainbow Montessori School.

Welcome to the family of Over The Rainbow Montessori located at 880 Hillsdale Avenue, San Jose, CA. Founded in 2008, Over The Rainbow Montessori (OTRM) follows philosophy and methodology of Dr. Maria Montessori providing a challenging, innovative education program designed to foster self-esteem, independence, creativity and love of learning in a clean, safe and warm environment. As Montessori Educators, we believe each child has potential which should be nurtured through caring and systematic process. Montessori school is a stepping stone towards building the character of child to its full potential. OTRM offers Montessori programs for children ages 2 years to their Entry into First grade.