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  Hi! My name is Bowie. I've been asked to take some time away from my buddies at Over the Rainbow Montessori to tell you about our schools.

By the way, those are my buddies below. I like them a lot, and they like coming to school here. We learn lots together every day, and we have lots of fun too.

Our schools are Montessori Philosophy schools, which means that our schools are child-centered environments, with a Montessori curriculum and a basic principle which states that all children are respected and treated as individuals.

The idea is that adults should not impose their ideas and wishes on a child. Instead, children should educate themselves using the environment prepared for them so that their natural development can unfold freely.

Click on one of the rainbows above to learn more about us. You will find a virtual tour of our schools in the "About Us" section, a more detailed explanation of the Montessori Method in the "Montessori" section, and our addresses, phone numbers, and maps under "Contact Us."

I hope we'll be hearing from you very soon!

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