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The sensorial materials have been given many names: Keys to the Universe, Paths to Culture, Materialized Abstractions, etc. These terms indicate a potential that they carry for enchantment of the child's developing mind. Children tend to sort things by size, shape, color, touch, sound, temperature, and weight. They will grade from dark to light and from large to small. Sensorial Materials lay a solid foundation for Mathematics, Geometry, Physics, Geography, Biology, Art and Music.

Being so wide in scope, they invite the children to explore and sense all the possibilities that they have to offer.

All of our schools have similar equipment, purchased from the same supplier. We do our best to keep it like new, and we replace it promptly if needed. The images you see on these pages will be very similar for each school, so we only created one virtual tour.

We hope you like our facilities. Enjoy the tour!

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