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Our Science Area includes Geography and Biology

Every child coming to our school is interested in language, in facts and in sensorial exploration. We also know that every child is profoundly interested in his/her universe. With the Geography Materials, the child is given the facts of his/her physical world - that it is a sphere, that this sphere is composed of land masses and bodies of water, that these have different forms and that these forms have names. Then we give the facts that the land masses are called continents, and that the largest bodies of water are called oceans. And again - that the oceans and continents have names...

In the first three years of life children absorb a limitless wealth of impressions, getting familiar with all the elements of the world around them. Among these are a multitude of plants, trees, flowers, shrubs - an infinite variety of growing things.
It becomes necessary to provide a mass of information to excite the children's interest in this very appealing decor provided by nature. A few very simple keys will suffice to animate their inherent love of the natural world around them. This love is then transformed into the need to know and understand the world with their very being.

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